About Me

I write therefore I am. That has been my motto for the last 30-something years (ever since I first learned to write at the age of 4). I wrote stories, I wrote poetry, I wrote love letters, I wrote music reviews, I wrote online, I blogged, I tweeted, I posted on Facebook, yada yada yada.

I will use this platform to write about things I’m passionate about: technology, social networks, startups, entrepreneurship, music (but not necessarily in that order). There’s nothing I love more than feedback, so if you’re reading this (or any of my posts) drop me a line, a comment, whatever.

A little bit about.me: Founded 3 kids. Raised a few startups (previously: Serendip; currently: Catchapp, ConnACT). Dreamer, Story Teller, Entrepreneur, Avid music fan, Twitterholic.

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