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I write therefore I am. This has been my motto for the last 40-something years (ever since I first learned to write at the age of 4). I wrote stories, I wrote poetry, I wrote love letters, I wrote music reviews, I wrote online, I blogged, I tweeted, I posted on Facebook, yada yada yada.

I will use this platform to write about things I’m passionate about: technology, social networks, startups,¬†entrepreneurship, music (but not necessarily in that order). There’s nothing I love more than feedback, so if you’re reading this (or any of my posts) drop me a line, a comment, whatever.

A little bit about.me: Founded 3 kids. Raised a few startups. Dreamer, Product Executive, Story Teller, Entrepreneur, Avid music fan (my mix sets here, my playlists here), Twitterholic.

One thought on “About Me

  1. Hey Sagee,

    I’m in the process of compiling a detailed guide of the Tel Aviv startup ecosystem for our Web Summit blog. I thought you’d be a great person to chat to about the startup scene in Tel Aviv. Here’s an example of one I did on New Orleans: https://blog.websummit.net/new-orleans-the-startup-city-guide/

    Would you like to contribute to the ‘Take it from me’ section of the post (top five startup hangouts/accelerators/tech journalists etc) via email?


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